Hoodie Weather Concert

Double Creature, J-Martin, and Etchings will be performing at the PLU’s Amphitheater on Saturday September 23rd from 4-7 p.m.

The concert is free and open to everyone, but $5 donation for the bands is very much appreciated!

Check out the awesome bands before you show up!



Double Creature



Show of the Week: “The Blue Room Jazz Hour” w/ DJ “The Jack from the Past”

It’s time for another “Show of the Week”!img_0749  This week’s focus is on “The Blue Room Jazz Hour” who is hosted by Jack Galliet AKA “The Jack from the Past”.  Jack is a Sophomore Business major and music minor who calls Redmond, WA home.  Jack’s interest for LASR started as a kid when he would listen to KNKX (now known as KPLU).  Jack noticed that there was no Jazz specific show on LASR and decided that a “KPLUesque” show was a necessity

“The Blue Room Jazz Hour” features the music genre known as jazz.  Jack explains his love of jazz music started when he first began playing trumpet in 6th grade.  He was drawn to the freeness of jazz and that in this genre, two people never play a song the same way.  Jack was allowed the freeness that all musicians want due to the ever-changing ideology of jazz.  It was this moment that he fell in love with jazz and wanted to share that love.  Jazz has many different subgenres and eras that have spanned since its inception into popular music.  Jack’s choice of era includes big band, bebop, and more recently fusion.

Jazz is also broken down between vocal and instrumental.  Jack is drawn more to instrumental jazz because of his band connections.  According to Jack, more people can relate to vocal jazz than instrumental jazz.  It’s precisely this reason that “The Blue Room Jazz Hour” features both vocal and instrumental jazz.  Jack’s main goal for the show is twofold.  First, he wants to give people a taste of something he adores.  Secondly, he wants to extend “Jazz family” to anyone and everyone that is willing to listen and take a chance.

You can catch “The Blue Room Jazz Hour” on Fridays from 9:00pm-10:00pm.  If you still need some convincing, check out the playlist from the last show below.

Terrell Stafford “Hocus pocus” from Brotherlee Love (CD) — First song of the Night

Diane Schurr & the Count Basie Orchestra “Deedles’ Blues (Live)” from The Best of Diane Schuur (MP3)

Count Basie “The Kid from Red Bank” from The complete Atomic Basie (MP3)

The Clayton Brothers “Friday Struttin’” from The Gathering (MP3)

Arturo Sandoval “Manteca” from Trumpet Evolution

Mary Stallings “Goodbye Medley” from Don’t Look Back (MP3)

Wycliffe Gordon “Pops for President” from Hello Pops! (A Tribute to Louis Armstrong)

Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga “Anything Goes” from Cheek to Cheek (deluxe Version) (MP3)

Show of the Week: “Currently” w/ DJ Pineapple Emoji

img_0729Halloween has come and gone and with less than half the semester to go, it is time for another show spotlight of the week.  This week’s focus is on Gina Snyder (AKA) pineapple emoji, a first-year potential Psychology or Spanish major that hails from Colorado Springs, CO.  Gina got interested in LASR when she toured PLU last March, and then saw LASR again at the involvement fair this past September.  Gina proclaims that her music taste is great and wanted to share that music with anyone that would listen.

The show that Gina DJs is known as “Currently”.  Gina created the show to express her desire to play songs she recently listened too.  These songs can include ones that she is “in too” or songs that make her think “hey, you should listen to this”.  The ultimate goal of “Currently” is to share knowledge of music that listeners might not ever hear of and possibly may enjoy.  Then genre of music played on “Currently” varies from show to show.  Genres heard can include Alternative and Rock, Indie, and Rap.  Gina thrives on this diversity because the show is designed to play songs that are new or songs she is in too, regardless of genre.

Gina has two main goals for the show.  First, Gina wants to share new artists, bands, and genres to people that they may have never heard off.  Second, Gina wants to spread a message of positivity and the idea of “be kind to people” to all of her listeners.  You can catch “Currently” on Wednesdays from 7:00pm-8:00pm only on LASR.

If you’re still not convinced, here is a list of artists, songs, and albums that have been featured on “Currently”.

Metric “Help I’m Alive” from Fantasies

Mac Demarco “Salad Days” from Salad Days (MP3)

Liam Lynch “United States of Whatever” from Fake Songs

Blur “Song 2” from Blur: The Best Off

Anderson Paak “The Season / Carry Me” from Malibu

Mac Miller “Dang! (feat. Anderson .Paak) [Radio Edit]” from Dang! (feat. Anderson .Paak) [Radio Edit] – Single

Saint Motel “At Least I Have Nothing” from Voyeur

Sylvan Esso “Hey Mami” from Sylvan Esso

WALK THE MOON “Down In the Dumps” from TALKING IS HARD (MP3)

Olivver the Kid “Lucy (Hurt People Hurt People)” from Freak – EP

Show of the Week: “Real Talk” w/ Allie Gurrrrrlllllll

IMG_0720.JPG     It’s about time for our second DJ spotlight! This week’s focus is on Allie Ash, a junior Social Work major from Vancouver, Washington. Allie was interested in becoming a LASR DJ  because her sister was the previous General Manager for LASR and she wanted to stay in the “family business.”  She also wanted a cool way to be involved on campus, and what’s cooler than being a DJ?

     Her show is called “Real Talk” and it features a combination of music with commentary on current events.  When asked why she wanted to feature both music and current events, she said that she wanted to provide “stress relief” to all kinds of individuals who will listen to her show.  No matter if the individual wants to hear music or current events, Allie wants to give her audience that “chill” time that everyone needs.  The kind of current events ranges, but her favorite kind of music to play is sad music.  When asked why sad music,  Allie responded by saying that sad music is open to interpretation.  Everyone will get a different reaction or feeling by the same song.

     We asked Allie what she would you do everyday if she didn’t have to work.  Her first response to buy a lot of food and just eat all the time.  Of course, her top choice in food would be chocolate cake, but also organic food and expensive cheese.  She would also do non stop travelling as well.  Make sure you catch Allie’s show “Real Talk” Tuesday night from 7:00pm-8:00pm, you won’t be disappointed.

Show of the Week: The Commune w/ DJ Ian Lindhartsen


DJ Ian Lindhartsen poses during his show, The Commune. Catch The Commune Thursdays at 8 p.m. at plu.edu/lasr

     With the leaves falling and the smell of pumpkin spice in the air, it’s time for our first DJ Spotlight.  Our first DJ is Ian Lindhartson, a first year potential Music Education and Chinese Studies double major.  Ian hails from Gig Harbor Washington and was a graduate of Peninsula High School.  Ian wanted to be a DJ at LASR because he took a class at his high school about their radio station and was instantly hooked.  Ian ultimately chose PLU because the programs that are offered here matched what he wants to do.  He also loves the sense of community that is present at PLU

     His show is called “The Commune” and it features music from the Tacoma/Pierce County.  When asked about why the show is called “The Commune,” Ian said that his show is about the music from the community.  That if Tacoma was condensed, this is the music we would hear.  Ian decided to focused on the Tacoma/Pierce county music scene because it offers a lot of great music that ultimately would not be showcased.  The kind music played in Tacoma/Pierce county ranges, but is anywhere from Celtic music to Garage bands.  There is immense talent here in Tacoma and Ian wants to showcase that talent with the listeners.

     A random fact about Ian is that is favorite ice cream flavor is Lime gooey duck.  This unique flavor was described by Ian as “Citrus on seafood.”  He did promise me that it’s weird but really good. Another random fact about Ian is that he does not use emojis that often, but instead uses the Facebook stickers.  If you or anyone you know is a local artist, band, Ian would love to know! He can be reached by e-mail at thecommune253@gmail.com. Catch The Commune on Thursdays at 8 p.m. at plu.edu/lasr


Carly Rae Jepsen – EMOTION Side B (8.0/10)


Review by Austin Hayes, Production Director of LASR.

Before I start, I feel obligated to say that Carly Rae Jepsen is not the kind of artist I usually listen to. I don’t say this to put down pop music, or to distance myself from Jepsen (especially not this album). I say this because I can’t stop listening to this EP. While I consider myself an equal-opportunity music listener, I regularly fall back to genres that draw my attention more frequently, mainly hip hop and 90’s indie/alternative. This album, however, will undoubtedly become a regular for me.

Following up last year’s success, EMOTION, the EMOTION Side B EP breaks any expectation one may set for something an artist labels as her b-side. EMOTION was made to be more than just another pop album, instead of just having a worldwide sensation of a single, Carly Rae and her manager Scooter Braun set their eyes on making Carly’s EMOTION a critically acclaimed success (as discussed in this NYT article). But I’m not here to discuss an album that has been out for over a year.

EMOTION Side B definitely feels like an EP when compared to last year’s album, but it is an EP that is 100% bangers from beginning to end. The 80’s style synth beats throughout the EP are infectious and I simply can’t help but move when I hear them. The album starts with “First Time”, an incredibly catchy, synth-filled track reminiscing about a relationship coming to an end, and how every heartbreak feels like the “first time”. “Higher” moves past the heartbreak with an electric drum heavy beat, where Jepsen is pulled up by her new partner out of her cynicism and loneliness.

Then comes my absolute favorite track, “The One”. Based off of the title, I expected the average lovey pop song about her new boo possibly being “The One”. But no, that’d be too straightforward for Carly. Instead Carly is speaking of a relationship that she never saw as a relationship to begin with, something that has become more than she expected, and as she says in the post-chorus, “it’s too much pressure” for her, she absolutely does not want to be “The One” of this person’s affection. “Fever” is the reverse image of the previous track, explaining no matter that her significant other is breaking her heart, she will feel their fever forever. Two songs later, “Cry” deals with an emotionally shut-off lover, and while the chorus of this track feels a tad grating at times it is still a powerful, emotional track. Right after this comes a very close second favorite for me. “Store” opens with an etherial sound with a heart-beat like drum backing, that works itself up to a crunchy, horn filled beat when the chorus comes around.

Carly Rae Jepsen proves time and time again that she is an artist that is here to stay. What started as the “Call Me Maybe” girl has blossomed into an artist capable of crafting songs so good, the B side EP to her meticulously made 2015 album impresses more than I thought possible. This EP makes me excited for her future releases, and knowing that 200 tracks were tested for the 2015 album makes hopeful for more synth laden, emotion filled bangers that are found on both the album and this incredible EP. I give this EP a solid 8/10.


Austin Hayes hosts a weekly radio show not about pop music, but the  ~paranormal~

Tune in Tuesdays at 10pm PST to http://www.plu.edu/lasr


LASR Staff Picks Playlist, May 23-27

What’s up Lutes,

This week’s staff member playlist is…


Austin Hayes

Austin is LASR’s current General Manager, and he has been involved with LASR since his first semester at PLU. Next school year Austin will be focusing on improving LASR’s pre-recorded content. He is a history major, a comedy nerd, and an enthusiast of the paranormal.

“Since coming to college I’ve gotten much more into hiphop, but my “bread and butter” genres are 90’s alt rock and indie rock, whatever that means.”

Cel U Lar Device – Erykah Badu

Hospital – Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers

Apple Cider, I Don’t Mind – Modern Baseball

Feedback – Kanye West

No Lie – Wet

Polychrome – NAVVI

You, In Weird Cities – Jeff Rosenstock

Cat Party – Koo Koo Kanga Roo

3230 – Vince Staples

Callin My Phone Based Freestyle – Lil B

Here’s a link to the Spotify playlist of these songs

You can keep up with Austin’s radio show continuing throughout the summer and into next year, Paranormal Puesdays.

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LASR Staff Picks Playlist May 9-13

Hey Lutes,

Sorry this is going up later in the week, but here is your staff picks playlist! This weeks featured staff member is. . .

Jeff Dunn 


Jeff is our current music director here at LASR, and will take on the role of general manager for the 2016-17 school year. He is a journalism major and music minor.

“I like indie rock because I can’t tell people I like emo because they get confused– my show finding emo is Thursdays from 10pm-midnight”

Jeff’s Playlist

Deadbeat Girl- Day Wave

Dandelion- Pity Sex

Echo, Bravo- Duster

I Hate It Too- Hum

Rain- Dave B.

Good Job, Champ- Free Throw

Horse Tattoo- Marietta

Doomsday Ft. Pebbles The Invisible Girl- MF Doom

Dramamine- Modest Mouse

Humblest Pleasures- Turnover

Here’s what Jeff said about his playlist:

“These songs aren’t Emo. One might be. Genres are overrated. Rock and roll.”

Here’s the link to his playlist on spotify:

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Stay cool, Lutes!

Love, LASR

Show of the Week April 25-29

Hello there, Lutes!

We’re coming at you once again with our LASR show of the week: 

700 Sasquatches with Wynter & Lukas

700 Sasquatches is a variety talk show held every Sunday at 10am. They go into depth about things that interest them and topics that are commonly glossed over. Tune in to hear good conversation and the occasional bit of music. Keep up the great work, you two!


Lukas Aberle is definitely a mortal, carbon-based life form of the species Homo Sapiens Sapiens. To suggest otherwise would be sheer fallacy. In a physical sense, he has been attending Pacific Lutheran University since this last September, and so fits under the social construct of a “first year.” He is planning on double majoring in Anthropology and Hispanic Studies, and double minoring in Religion in Chinese. After four earth-years at PLU, he hopes to either become a translator for an international charity or start a cult.


Winter Manisto-Saari is a first year from Minnesota currently attending Pacific Lutheran University. She is majoring in German and minoring in Hispanic Studies. She built a theremin once and is really good at being relevant. After she graduates she hopes to do something with Linguistics and stay in the west coast. Winter is going to be our Music Director here at LASR next year and has another radio show called Planetary Motion which airs Sunday nights at 10pm! 


Lukas & Winter’s Top Ten Songs

Dry Puddles- Sapient

I’ve Seen Footage- Death Grips

Loomer- My Bloody Valentine

Tessellate- Alt-J

I Like Giants- Kimya Dawson

GodLovesUgly- Atmosphere

Seven Swans- Sufjan Stevens

I Dream Of Ghosts- Land Of The Loops

This Is It- Flatbush Zombies

Drive North- Dem Atlas


Here’s the link to their playlist on Spotify:

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Keep rocking and have a great week.


Staff Picks Week 3

Hey Lutes, 

It’s that time of the week again where we talk about one of your awesome LASR radio leaders and give you some songs that they think are the best. This week our top ten songs have been hand picked for you by the one and only:



Wynter is a first year majoring in German and minoring in Hispanic Studies at PLU. She is currently the Web and Information manager at LASR, but will be the station’s Music Director next Fall. She loves college radio and has two shows:

Planetary Motion Sundays @ 10pm

700 Sasquatches Sundays @ 10am

Here’s what she said about her tunes:

“Hey internet.. my music taste is pretty much everything shoegaze, but I’m also a fan of hip-hop, synth, and anything dreamy. I hoped to reflect that musical description in this playlist, which you can listen to or completely ignore and it’ll still probably sound the same. Isn’t music beautiful like that?”

Wynter’s top 10

Myth- Beach House

Jack- U.S. Girls

The Ghost Has No Home- Cocteau Twins & Harold Budd

Chinatown- Girlpool

Here She Comes- Slowdive

Chamber of Reflection- Mac Demarco 

Slaughterhouse Five- Ings

The Less I Know The Better- Tame Impala

Can’t Keep Checking My Phone- Unknown Mortal Orchestra

The Trip- Still Corners


Here’s the link for her playlist on Spotify:

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Peace out