Show of the Week: “Real Talk” w/ Allie Gurrrrrlllllll

IMG_0720.JPG     It’s about time for our second DJ spotlight! This week’s focus is on Allie Ash, a junior Social Work major from Vancouver, Washington. Allie was interested in becoming a LASR DJ  because her sister was the previous General Manager for LASR and she wanted to stay in the “family business.”  She also wanted a cool way to be involved on campus, and what’s cooler than being a DJ?

     Her show is called “Real Talk” and it features a combination of music with commentary on current events.  When asked why she wanted to feature both music and current events, she said that she wanted to provide “stress relief” to all kinds of individuals who will listen to her show.  No matter if the individual wants to hear music or current events, Allie wants to give her audience that “chill” time that everyone needs.  The kind of current events ranges, but her favorite kind of music to play is sad music.  When asked why sad music,  Allie responded by saying that sad music is open to interpretation.  Everyone will get a different reaction or feeling by the same song.

     We asked Allie what she would you do everyday if she didn’t have to work.  Her first response to buy a lot of food and just eat all the time.  Of course, her top choice in food would be chocolate cake, but also organic food and expensive cheese.  She would also do non stop travelling as well.  Make sure you catch Allie’s show “Real Talk” Tuesday night from 7:00pm-8:00pm, you won’t be disappointed.


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