LASR Staff Picks Playlist May 9-13

Hey Lutes,

Sorry this is going up later in the week, but here is your staff picks playlist! This weeks featured staff member is. . .

Jeff Dunn 


Jeff is our current music director here at LASR, and will take on the role of general manager for the 2016-17 school year. He is a journalism major and music minor.

“I like indie rock because I can’t tell people I like emo because they get confused– my show finding emo is Thursdays from 10pm-midnight”

Jeff’s Playlist

Deadbeat Girl- Day Wave

Dandelion- Pity Sex

Echo, Bravo- Duster

I Hate It Too- Hum

Rain- Dave B.

Good Job, Champ- Free Throw

Horse Tattoo- Marietta

Doomsday Ft. Pebbles The Invisible Girl- MF Doom

Dramamine- Modest Mouse

Humblest Pleasures- Turnover

Here’s what Jeff said about his playlist:

“These songs aren’t Emo. One might be. Genres are overrated. Rock and roll.”

Here’s the link to his playlist on spotify:

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Stay cool, Lutes!

Love, LASR


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