Local Band Spotlight: Head Portal

Head Portal

Article by LASR’s General Manager, Austin Hayes.

PLU’s own Head Portal made their campus debut earlier this semester at the Battle of the Bands competition, which they won through an overwhelming number of ballots from audience members. For those of you that missed the Battle of the Bands don’t fret, as the winners of the BotB, Head Portal will be performing on the main stage at LollaPLUza. LollaPLUza takes place on Saturday May 7th, and goes from 1pm to 7pm. You can read more about LollaPLUza and all of the bands & events on Facebook or on Mast Media.

I got the chance to interview Head Portal as they practiced for their upcoming LollaPLUza set. It was a very cool opportunity to see a band working on new songs for their upcoming gig. Seeing them start with a few chords on guitar and then jam out a song from showed how cohesive they are as friends and as a band. At the Battle of the Bands, Head Portal did a mashup of covers including “Where is my Mind” by Pixies and “Santeria” by Sublime, but Izac promises me that they plan on mixing in some originals for everyone at the upcoming event.

Austin: Okay I guess the place to start is who are you guys? Tell me about yourselves.

Theo(guitar, vocals): I’m Theo and I’m a Political Science and Hispanic studies major with an interest in kung fu movies and reggae music. I can’t feel my knees. (Izac says his other name is “The O”)

Izac(guitar, vocals): Sophomore, Sociology major. South California born and raised. Interests..? Head Portal. Oh, and vote for Bernie, that’s another. AKA EZ Iz

Emily(drums): I’m Emily Streeter. Senior. Sociology major. Friend. (Izak chimes in) AKA Streeter

Nathan(bass): I was born staple to the neck of the storm. You can find me awake in my crutches on the moonlight. (Izak chimes in again) AKA Natanile

Austin: How did Head Portal begin? 

Izac: I started writing songs as Battle of the Bands was coming up, I was like “Oh, sh*t, I should do that”. I told Theo about the song I was writing, and we decided we would do it as a duo. Then at a birthday party Streeter was added to the band on drums when we found out she played. One day in class, when I arrived late and my usual spot was taken, I ended up talking to the guy I was sitting next to and he was telling me about this electric guitar he was trying to sell on craigslist and how no one would come pick it up. So I told him I’d buy it from him. A bass was literally given to us to use, so we added Nathan to the band.

Emily: The Universe allowed Head Portal to happen. *everyone agrees*

Austin: Why “Head Portal”? Where’d the name come from exactly?

Emily: Our motto is “What is Head Portal? This is Head Portal.”

Izac: We had a brainstorming session for names, and we were just throwing out pretty regular band names. But Theo was wearing a shirt made by someone in a screen printing class here at PLU, and out of that shirt Head Portal came.

Austin: What are some of your guys’ influence as musicians?

Izac: Strokes, Arctic monkeys. Life. Stairway to Heaven was a big influence. White Stripes too.

Emily: Same as Izak really, the Strokes, AM. I’m like the bottomfeeder of peoples’ energy. Everybody is my influence. I’m just here filling in. *laughs from everyone*

Theo: As a musician, I have been influenced by Bob Dylan, Gil Scott Heron, Santana, Hendrix, Buena Vista Social Club, Billie Holiday, and Peter Tosh.

Nathan: First, Dave Matthews. Then Andy Mckee. Matt Freeman from Rancid. And definitely the Strokes, Phoenix, and Destroyer. Radiohead and the song Ocean by John Butler.

Austin: Who are you guys most excited to hear play at LollaPLUza? 

Izac: I think Pickwick will be cool, I like their sort of Black Keys sound.

Theo: Definitely Pickwick, I hadn’t heard of them before the lineup announcement. But I have been impressed by their sound.

Austin: Any hints at what Head Portal has in store for LollaPLUza? 

Emily: Come to my grave and sprinkle Parmesan

Izac: Bill me for the mic. We’ve got some covers people will know.

Nathan: And some of our own.

Izac: Yeah, some of our own. After our show they’ll know them, too.

Head Portal will be performing on the main stage at LollaPLUza at 1:00pm. LollaPLUza takes place on Saturday May 7th, and goes from 1pm to 7pm. You can read more about LollaPLUza and all of the bands & other entertainment on Facebook or on Mast Media.


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