Local band spotlight: The Brothers Rowe


Spotlight by LASR General Manager, Austin Hayes

In the hills of Elbe, Washington lives a family band the likes of which has never been heard. The rockabilly blues trio (formerly known as the Elbow County Rough Riders) has been rocking the Pacific Northwest for years with covers of rock and roll classics and originals, more of which they’ve been playing lately. The band begun when the twins Forrest and Wyatt were in high school, with Forrest on Bass and backup vocals, Wyatt on guitar and lead vocals, younger brother Morgan on drums and former band member Eli also playing guitar.

Since graduating Forrest and Wyatt have been able to lend more time to their music, and after going through a small lull period all three members have expressed their excitement in getting back into the swing of things and playing plenty of shows this year.

Despite living in Elbe, Forrest and Wyatt (and Morgan when he is not busy with work) drive out to Northern Pacific Coffee Company on the corner of Garfield St. and C St. for the Open Mic night on Wednesday nights when they have the time. I saw them perform recently at a show on March 5th at NPCC, and it was a great reminder of my love for this group that started in my early days in high school at town events such as the Fourth of July fireworks or May Day, at Eatonville’s only pizza place,Bertoglio’s, on a nice summer evening, or at hotels and casinos in Ocean Shores at various times throughout the year.

You can like The Brothers Rowe on Facebook and find information for booking them there. You can listen to them on Soundcloud and check out their 2014 music video.


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