A few weeks back, while other PLU students were taking midterms and stressing about homework, I was galavanting across the hectic city of New York. I don’t mean to brag, I really don’t. But I can’t lie and say I was sad to skip a week full of tests. Why did I get to leave behind Parkland and spend six days in the Big Apple, you ask? Well, I was lucky enough to attend the College Music Journal (CMJ) Music Marathon. It was a great week that centered around music, community and, of course, radio. DUH. College radio personnel from around the US and Canada flocked to the annual event, which was held at New York University. During the days, I pumped myself with caffeine and attended panel presentations about the music industry, went to mixers where I met some new college radio pals (shouts out!), and learned how to craft the perfect resume for a profession in radio. Then at nights, I would burn off all of my caffeine energy by running around Manhattan and Brooklyn, waving my CMJ badge and getting into show after show after show. Truly a music nerd’s dream come true. Favorite shows of the week include: Doprah (such a good name, and I right?), Twin Peaks, First Aid Kit (who I’ve already seen like 10,000+ times, whoops), Elle King, Diiv, Courtney Barnett, and Popstrangers. I didn’t spend time putting in all those links for nothing… CHECK THEM OUT!

For real, it was one of the best weeks. Adventuring around New York was lovely, but I’m happy to be back now. I’m ready to take what I learned from the CMJ Music Marathon & help make LASR the BEST STATION EVER. LASRlove, Olivia


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