LASR news update

DJs and listeners alike, we have all had a wonderful year. LASR has brought a ton of new music and events to the table and we look forward to doing so next year. Alas, this year must come to a close sometime. This has been our final week of broadcast for the academic year, so make sure to get your listening in! We are also about to host our last Open Mic of the year — the MBR amphitheater at 9 p.m. — so please come to listen to wonderful PLU talent or even present your own.

As of now, the 24/7 broadcast is running. THIS WILL BE STOPPING after this year and WILL NOT BE running over the summer. Do not fret faithful listeners, your favorite online student radio station will be back as soon as the next academic year begins. ALSO, live shows will END after the final show, this Sunday evening. Get your listening in by then, and try not to die of anticipation for next year’s shows (it’s frightful for the ratings).

Thank you all for being involved this year! We loved seeing all your beautiful faces at LollaPLUza, and we hope you grabbed your 2014 Student CD with some rad stickers (they’re FREE). If you want some student music to tide you over this summer vacation, stop by the studio and grab it!

DJs, remember to apply next year, ASAP, in order to get your sweet, sweet radio voice to your eager audiences.

Have a wonderful summer all! MCFleury out.


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