Turn Blue, catch the Fever

The prolific Black Keys are finished with their newest album “Turn Blue.” The only words we have for it now are … groovy. That snap-psychedelic judgement is based on their released single “Fever.” Right away you are entranced by a solid bass groove, as a synthesizer (an art form returning to the rock scene) crashes in to throw a welcomed curve-ball. Everything about this song seems to be some kind of groove rock nostalgia with hints of modern rock elements, basically the opposite of what most rock artists are attempting. “Turn Blue” is set to mesmerize the masses on May 13th, though the CD is ready for pre-order along with a vinyl option. From their album trailer on YouTube, we see a blue and magenta swirling record spinning off into infinity. That is all I will say about this confusing trailer, see for yourself at their website.

We are just getting a taste of what the Black Keys have in store. This single is alarmingly different than their normal gritty/bluesy noise. However, the duet is no stranger to musical experimentation, and we have yet to see them totally flop. The album is packed with 11 songs: “Fever,” “Turn Blue,” “Weight of Love,” “In Time,” “Year in Review,” “Bullet In the Brain,” “It’s Up to You Now,” “Waiting on Words,” “10 Lovers,” “In Our Prime,” and “Gotta Get Away.”


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