Foster the People, Supermodel

After the explosion that was “Pumped Up Kicks,” some Foster the People PTSD may have been caused. A recommended therapy method was to listen to the rest of their albums (especially all of “Torches”). Their newest album “Supermodel,” is a mesh of new and old, a recommended breath of fresh air while still holding to their established sound.

Many songs on this album reflect the same feelings of whimsical chords and looped beats. A cool piece, “Nevermind,” has a large acoustic guitar emphasis, a rarity with the group. We also see a lot of quirky, yet enticing falsettos in almost all of their songs.

In the broad view, “Supermodel” is a brand new look at the band. We are seeing a happier set of songs with what seem to be more of just an attempt at thought provoking lyrics. Will many or any of these songs get big air-time? They set the bar at an impressive height two years ago, one that could be their one-time phenomena. 


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