Tunes for Saint Patty’s Day

Eh lads and ladies, the greatest holiday needs the greatest music. So here is our top list of Irish groups bound to kick off your Saint Patty’s Day celebration (other than your trusty bottle o’ Jameson Whiskey).

First off we have our kick-ass Irish Punk Rockers:

The Dropkick Murphys are an absolute must have band in any celebration.  This band’s graveled yelling and drunken debauchery is the perfect party music at any occasion. They released their Christmas special a couple years ago titled “The Season’s Upon Us,” a masterful representation of a dysfunctional (or Irish) family get-together. Classic hits by the Dropkicks’s include: “I’m Shipping up to Boston,” “The State of Massachusetts,” and “Johnny, I hardly Knew Ya.” As soon as those Bagpipes wail, the party is sure to get started.

Next we have a classic and a master band, Flogging Molly. Led by the talented David King, this band’s strong ballads and loud attitude has Irish rock written all over it. Their most famous song titled album called “Drunken Lullabies” is the most apt song for your March frivolities. Now, this band has its slower moments, which can be well placed in a party play list. Do be careful though, add Flogging Molly with care, there really can be too much of a good thing.

By this time, if your party is going according to plan, the next bands shouldn’t even matter. However, the Irish doesn’t stop there, we haven’t even mentioned The Dubliners , The Pogues, The Real Mackenzies, or the Tossers. We’ve all got a wee bit o’ Irish in us, so forget Monday, It’s Saint Patrick’s Day.


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