This Cincinnati band became wickedly popular in the last two years. Their most recent accomplishment, touring with the newly reviving band Panic! At the Disco on their “This is Gospel” tour. But before Walk the Moon became on of the countries indie-rock artists, they had an album called “I Want! I Want!”.

This self-released 2010 album is comprised of their biggest hits in their original form. While listening to this album, you realize the influence that a big recording studio has in every beat of a song. Along with big radio hits (Jenny, Anna sun, and others), are titles not seen on air, or even played on stage. It’s a bummer these songs didn’t make the cut for their self-titled album, but they are still out there (thanks YouTube). Listen here while they are still available, you won’t regret it (unless you become bummed out as the rest of us).

The cut songs of this archetype album don’t necessarily have the screaming sing-along feel as the others, but their artistic influence is still loud. It is a strange thing to hear a song before outside involvement, the way it was meant to be heard.


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