More Coldplay for the summer

Our summer road trips may be filled with yet even more Coldplay. Coming out May 19th, “Ghost Stories” will be the newest by the familiar group since 2011’s “Myloto Xyloto.”

There have been two singles from the new album to be released on YouTube (an extremely popular and wise marketing move by artists lately). Both the songs Midnight and Magic hold to the true falsettos of Chris Martin, along with new sounds. Their song Midnight is the more radically different of the two, accompanied by an almost house feeling beat that ultimately makes the song sound like a remix. Not to say that is a bad thing. Coldplay’s music is tried and true, with tiny adjustments throughout its lifetime. Their new experimental sound is sure to raise a few eyebrows, but I am anticipating head-bobbing and foot-tapping as well.

Listen to the new releases here.


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