Released earlier this week, Morning Phase is the newest Beck album. So far it has been obtaining raving reviews from critics. Beck is not one to collaborate on the popular music trends, yet he still grips our attention with his unique and changing tune.

In its entirety,  Morning Phase is just over 47 minutes with 13 tracks. This is Beck’s first album to be released since 2008 — other than his singles that included solo shows on Beck’s own label FONOGRAF — and his first ever record to be released by Capitol Records. During this break, Beck and partner musicians had done some private in studio recordings. The bassist Justin Meldal-Johnsen said during a press conference, “I would estimate that there are currently about three or four albums’ worth of material floating around.” So there is a chance to be seeing lots of Beck popping up around music shelves (or iTunes). It is believed that the new album is meant to companion the 2002 album Sea Change.

Beck did mention last year that 2014 would probably see two new albums, one of which being an acoustic piece. To be absolutely biased, I am very excited to see some new Beck on my playlists.


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